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Move Forward Team Members

Ben Gabrovec – Move Forward Managing Director

ben-profileTaking great pride in his Physio team as Move Forwards Manager, Ben has the focus on creating an environment for each Physiotherapist to grow as practitioners and people, the success of Move Forward is testament to the ongoing achievement of this goal. For any queries related to Move Forward Physiotherapy, Ben can be reached at ben@moveforward.physio on the email.

Ben completed his B.Sc (Physio) at Curtin University and began his career at Quinns Physio while starting what would eventually become Move Forward Physiotherapy. He has been the Managing Partner at Move Forward Physiotherapy since those beginnings in 2007 working closely with his business partners and respected Physios Peter Owens and Felicity Kermode to establish what is now the most trusted Physio company in Perth. In that time the group has expanded to 14 Physiotherapy clinics making Move Forward the number one provider of Physiotherapy care in Perth’s northern suburbs.

Life can’t all be about work and he loves spending his days with his dogs, Wilco and Boni and of course his wife Louise.

Peter Owens – Director

pete-profilePeter graduated as a physiotherapist in 1986 and completed a Masters in Business Administration in 1993. Peter has over 30 years experience in private physiotherapy practices throughout Australia and is a Director at Move Forward Physiotherapy. His wealth of knowledge and friendly personality set the standard for all Move Forward Physios.

Felicity Kermode – Clinical Director

felicity-profileFelicity teaches the clinical components of the Professional Development Program that all Move Forward Physiotherapists complete. Felicity has post graduate degrees in both Sports and Manipulative Physiotherapy and regularly presents physiotherapy courses overseas, teaching physiotherapy skills that she has developed over 30 years working in the profession. It is Felicity’s PD program that the Move Forward team undertake that ensure our Physio’s are Perth’s most comprehensively trained and skilled private practitioners.

Tom Edwards – Physiotherapist & Butler, Gateway, Kinross and Shenton Ave Partner

tom-profileTom is a valuable asset to the Move Forward team as the Managing partner of our Butler, Gateway and Kinross Clinic. After spending some years providing physiotherapy services in the local community, he is elated to continue to be a presence in our newest clinics in the northern suburbs. He has a keen interest in an array of musculoskeletal conditions with particular interest in the ‘everyday’ injury, back and neck pain that keeps us from our hobbies and work. He loves working with you to get you back to what you love quickly, combining manual therapy and dry needling with exercise rehabilitative strategies. His interest in sports has led him to work with the Wanneroo amateur Football, Rugby and Soccer teams. His sporting interests outside of work include Rugby, Martial arts, Soccer and Golf. On top of being a partner Tom is also the Client Relationship Officer for Move Forward Physiotherapy making sure we deliver the highest quality service possible to all of our valued patients!

Damian Vance – Physiotherapist & Jindalee Manager

damian-profileWith over 13 years experience in private practice Move Forward Physio is extremely lucky to have a Physiotherapist of Damian’s experience mentoring our team at Jindalee Physiotherapy. As the manager at Jindalee Damian’s passion for training the the next generation of Move Forward’s Physios reflects in the success of the clinic.
Damian prides himself in providing the local community with the highest quality physiotherapy treatments for all musculoskeletal conditions, in a friendly, professional manner, with easy to understand explanations of your condition. His interests are: back pain, headaches, paediatrics, sports injuries and neck pain.

Amy Anderson – Physiotherapist – Pilates and Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist

amy-anderson-profileBeing able to help interact daily with people achieve their best physical condition is why Amy love’s being a Physio. Amy achieves this through hands on therapy, but then exercise rehabilitation to achieve their most optimal function and reduce pain. This helps patients feel better both physically and emotionally.
Amy completed her Bsc in Physiotherapy at the University of Notre Dame. Since then Amy has worked in both rural and city private practices. Amy is currently working at our Quinns practice where she is our Pilates and Exercise Rehabilitation expert after specializing in this field over the past 5 years. She has a passion for utilising her high level of skill in clinical pilates as part of rehabilitation and prevention of injury with a particular interest in injury rehabilitation (in particular knees, shoulders and lower back pain) and ante/postnatal pilates.
Amy has had experience with UWA football club and state league netball teams. Outside of work Amy loves going to gym, travelling and walking her dog.

Ronnie Bhalvani – Physiotherapist

Rhonnie-profileWorking as a Physio is important to Ronnie as it means being able to make a difference in the life of people with various musculoskeletal or neurological conditions. By guiding patients in the right direction with the appropriate combination of manual therapy and exercise he works towards the goal of full functional recovery for his patients.
Ronnie received his Physiotherapy degree from India in 2006 and after arriving in Australia in 2007 completed his Masters in Clinical Exercise Practice in Melbourne while working as a Physiotherapist in a specialist school for kids with special needs in Port Melbourne. Ronnie also has experience working as an Exercise Physiologist in a Private practice in Newcastle before moving to Perth for a role Spinal Cord Injury rehabilitation; running one on one exercise programs.
Clinically Ronnie enjoys treating a wide range of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions and is particularly interested in exercise based rehabilitation. He believes that full functional recovery needs a combination of hands on Physiotherapy and exercise rehabilitation, to reduce the chances of recurrence of the problem.
Outside of work Ronnie loves his tennis, cricket, swimming and cooking.

Mat Cockroft – Physiotherapist

matt-cockroft-profileMat prides himself on making a positive impact on every clients physical and mental well being, ensuring they always leave with a well structured rehab plan and big smile on their face after each session. Return to high level function, sport and hobbies is considered of high importance to each of Mat’s clients rehab goals even if it’s as simple as kick at the park or picking up the grandchildren.
He has spent four years working in the south-west before joining Quinns Physiotherapy, spending time between Collie and Harvey, which allowed him to treat a diverse range of injuries. Mat’s clinical interests include sports and post-operative rehabilitation.
His treatments focus on manual therapy and dry needling as well as providing clients with the tools for self management at home. Mat is a passionate AFL fan, following the almighty Hawks, and assists his local club Kingsley with their physiotherapy needs. In his spare time he also plays golf and loves to fish.

Matt Dewar – Physiotherapist

Matt-profileLiving a busy life himself, Matt enjoys helping people move beyond their injury and get back to what they love doing as quickly as possible.
Matthew received his bachelor of physiotherapy from the university of Notre Dame and is currently working at the Ocean Keys Practice and Quinns Practice where he does specialty appointments for Dog Physiotherapy.
Clinically he enjoys treating a wide range of musculoskeletal problems and sports injuries especially low back or neck pain. Matt has continued to advance his education in treatments available to patients suffering from chronic pain. Outside of work Matthew enjoys all water related sports, teaching group fitness classes, motocross and traveling.

Ash Dobson – Physiotherapist

ash-profileFor Ash, physiotherapy means assisting people in finding the strength and resilience of their body, and their ability to return to doing what they love, whether they have suffered a setback from an acute injury, or long term chronic pain. Ash is passionate about the rehabilitation component of physiotherapy, and assisting patients in making the changes to their health and lifestyle that their mind and body need.
Ashleigh has completed her BSc in physiotherapy at Curtin University and has been one of Move Forward’s loyal team members for many years. Ash built up a loyal following at our Quinns Practice before heading away on a 12 month trip of a lifetime. Since returning, Ash has begun practicing at our Butler Practice, where she enjoys a combination of treating, teaching clinical Pilates, and motivating her patients through Fysio40 high intensity interval training. Ash has been teaching clinical Pilates for over 7 years, and finds the positive changes seen in these patients constantly rewarding.

Aaron D’Rozario – Physiotherapist

aaron-profileFrom his own injury experiences, Aaron has developed a passion for helping people get back to their peak performance. Aaron has a passion for all things musculoskeletal and has a particularly strong interest in neck pain and headaches, back pain, shoulder pain and the complexities of acute or chronic sporting injuries. Aaron enjoys adopting a hands-on approach using the most up-to-date treatment techniques coupled with targeted rehabilitation programs, aided by his experience in coaching athletics/strength and conditioning classes, to get you back to your best.
Outside of work Aaron enjoys travelling, playing AFL, cricket and table tennis as well casual catch ups with friends.

Julie Endersby – Physiotherapist

julie-profileJulie is passionate about helping patients return to their previous full capacity and allow them to do the things they love doing again. She completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Curtin University in 2014 and clinically has a great interest in a range of musculoskeletal conditions, including sporting injuries and back pain, and endeavours to work alongside her patients to get them back to full function. Julie enjoys sport, health, and keeping fit, and hopes to share this with her patients and motivate them to achieve their best health possible.
As a part of the Move Forward team from her student days working as a receptionist at our Quinns clinic to being our number one Physio at our new Alkimos location we have always been proud to have Julie on our team.

Renee Fish – Physiotherapist

renee-portrait-2Renee loves being a physiotherapist and pilates instructor as she is able to help people every day. Making people feel better, whether it be to recover from an injury or to clear their pain, improve their fitness, flexibility and strength are her goals. She is very passionate about helping others and is a problem solver so she is determined to make all of her patients feel better any way she can. Since completing her BSc in Physiotherapy at Curtin University and gaining experience at our Quinns clinic Renee is currently working at the Hillarys Practice. As well as her physio degree Renee has also completed a Post-graduate Exercise Science degree and has worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach.
With experience working with Perth Demons WAFL, Stirling Senators SBL and WABL and Kingsley Amateur Football club she has a particular interest in sporting injuries, exercise rehabilitation and pilates. A keen sportswoman herself, Renee competes in body building competitions and has played almost all sports under the sun. When she is not at the gym Renee enjoys visiting her family in the country, socialising with friends and eating.

Liam Hubble – Physiotherapist

liam-profileLiam thrives on the team environment of Move Forward Physio and brings this motivation to all of his patients. After completing his BSc of physiotherapy at the University of Notre Dame we were extremely lucky to have Liam take a dual role at our Wanneroo and Hillarys practices.
Liam has an interest in the treatment of a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, in particular back and neck pain. Having worked closely with North Beach Amateur Football Club he also has experience in the management of sporting injuries.
Outside of work Liam enjoys playing basketball, fitness training at the gym, spending time at the beach and loves to scuba dive.

Alana Keil – Physiotherapist

alana-keil-profileAlana loves helping people, often with injuries she has at some point experienced herself which allows her to relate to people with a level of understanding for their injury and walk them through their recovery as she has done herself many times and continues to do!
Being part of an exceptional team of physios motivates Alana to continue doing what she loves help people every day.
She completed her Masters of Physiotherapy at Curtin University in 2014 after completing her Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Sports Science) in 2011.
With a great love for sports, fitness, good health and well-being, Alana enjoys sharing this with her clients. We are thrilled to have Alana as part of the Move Forward Physio team in Yanchep.
Alana’s clinical interests include rehabilitation of sporting injuries and lower back pain and will go above and beyond to see her clients return to maximal function. Adopting a hands on approach and being proactive with her patients treatment we know Alana will help you on the road to recovery!
Outside of work Alana enjoys running, sports, going to the gym and weekend camping trips.

Georgia Lambert – Physiotherapist

georgia-profileGeorgia is an enthusiastic individual with a clinical interest in the management of musculoskeletal and sporting injuries after sustaining numerous injuries herself as a competitive gymnast in her youth. This motivated Georgia to assist her patients in achieving their rehabilitation and fitness goals through the use of her hands on skills and active treatments such as clinical Pilates.
Since completing her BSc of Physiotherapy at the University of Notre Dame Georgia commenced treating at our Hillarys clinic. She has worked closely with UWA football club and also enjoys playing netball, spending time at the beach, and holidays down south.

Elise MacKintosh – Physiotherapist

elise-profileElise has a strong passion for encouraging healthy active living to return her clients to full function. She completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree at the University of Notre Dame and is now working at the Quinn’s practice.
With a keen interest in treating and rehabilitating sporting injuries, Elise combines hands-on treatment, exercise rehabilitation and clinical Pilates. She will be running a number of Pilates classes throughout the week at Quinns.
She has worked closely with Wembley Amateur Football club, which has allowed her to further develop her skills. Outside of work Elise loves cooking, painting and spending time with her friends and family.

David Makinson – Physiotherapist

David has been working as a physio for over 10 years and takes great joy in helping patients alleviate their longstanding pain. He uses his wealth of knowledge to be able to assist patients with any musculoskeletal conditions but particularly enjoys treating those who have low back pain or have had pain for a long time and not necessarily had the recovery they were hoping for prior to coming to Physio.
After studying his Physiotherapy degree at Keele University in 2007, David went on to finish a Masters degree at Salford University in 2013. Throughout his career he has worked extensively through the UK, NZ and now Australia. David enjoys seeing his clients return to full level of function, whether it be sport, recreation or work. He achieves these goals through a mix of manual therapy and rehabilitative exercises and utilising his experience in dry needling, kinesiotaping and Pilates.
With a keen interest in all things soccer, David still manages to play once a week with the Move Forward indoor soccer team as well as spending time with his wife and little boy.

Blake McConville – Physiotherapist

blake-profileGrowing up in his native Canada, Blake witnessed the importance of Physio directly with a close family member requiring intense rehabilitation to allow them to recover full function following a severe injury. This inspired Blake to study Kinesiology (sport science) at the University of Calgary in 2011, before moving to Perth in 2012 to attend Curtin University where he earned his masters degree in Physiotherapy.
Blake is especially interested in treating low back and neck pain due to his own personal history of spinal injury through his life. Knowing first-hand what it feels like to have radiating low back pain and the associated fear and apprehension that can often accompany exercise and movement thereafter, Blake is especially motivated in returning sufferers of neck and back pain to normal movement and function through the combination of manual therapy and exercise prescription. Taking the time to get to know his patient’s is what Blake values most about being a Physio.
When he’s not working as a physiotherapist, Blake is making music with his violin, playing video games, or scuba diving as often as he can.

Cassandra O’Halloran – Physiotherapist

cassandra-profileCassandra recently joined the Move Forward Team at Butler having completed a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy at the University of Notre Dame. She has completed over 500 hours of specific training for Clinical Pilates, currently running classes at Butler and Kinross. Cassandra is currently working as a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist with a special interest in Paediatrics, Gerontology/Fall Prevention and Pilates.
Cassandra is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, qualified in Dry Needling and a Clinical Pilates Instructor.

Mitchell Peate – Physiotherapist

Mitch-ProfileFor Mitch, being a physio is about developing close relationships of trust with his patients and their families in order to collaboratively put a plan together to help them achieve their goals. This may range from not falling apart training for the Sydney marathon or overcoming stubborn back pain.
Mitchell completed his B Sc in Physiotherapy at Curtin University, graduating with distinction and as a member of the Vice Chancellor’s list. Mitchell is our head Physiotherapist at Move Forward Hocking and he has gathered experience running multiple Move Forward locations before becoming permanent at Hocking. Mitchell has a clinical interest in a range of musculoskeletal injuries and a keen interest in sports rehabilitation.
Outside of work Mitchell enjoys volleyball, hockey, baking, travelling, and raising a two toddlers.

Jason Rocca – Physiotherapist

Jason-profileJason initially decided to do physiotherapy after having already competed 2 degrees in human movement (sport science and strength & conditioning). During his time as a strength coach and a personal trainer it was too common to find people had injuries that they have had for years and were not able to recover from. Physiotherapy allows Jason to help people achieve a movement capacity that they are happy with. The human body is able to achieve some amazing feats but unfortunately due to our sedentary lifestyle or previous injuries this is often compromised.
Jason was our initial Physiotherapist at Pearsall Physiotherapy when it opened in December 2013 and has grown the clinic from strength to strength since its first day. Jason enjoys treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries with a keen passion for sporting rehabilitation.
His interests outside of work include weight training as well as Taekwondo, which he been doing for almost 20 years and has represented Australia.

Georgia Snow – Physiotherapist

georgia-profileSeeing people recover from injuries and reach their desired goals is what drives Georgia as a physiotherapist. She values building a strong rapport and providing a continuum of care for all patients.
Georgia completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy at The University of Notre Dame and is currently working at the Jindalee practice. With a keen interest in musculoskeletal and sporting injuries Georgia utilises her skills as a qualified Pilates instructor and teaches one-on-one as well as group Pilates classes at Jindalee.
When not traveling, you’ll find Georgia spending her weekends at football, either watching the Eagles play or being the physiotherapist for West Perth.

Naomi Udiljak – Physiotherapist

naomi-profileNaomi had been a patient at Jindalee Physiotherapy since a young age and it had always been her dream to be on the Physio team. After completing her physiotherapy degree at Curtin University we were thrilled to have someone of Naomi’s character join the clinic.
Naomi has always had a passion for musculoskeletal physiotherapy since overcoming her own back problems in the past. As a result, Naomi has a particular interest in treating both back and neck pain as well as lower limb pain, and strives to achieve this by combining hands-on treatment in conjunction with active rehabilitation to provide her patients with the strategies required to live healthily and happily. Outside of work Naomi enjoys the beach, going out on her stand-up paddle board and hanging out with her family.

Chris Warne – Physiotherapist

chris-warne-profileChris’s passion for physiotherapy developed after suffering a number of sporting injuries in his younger days. Through experiencing many different physiotherapists over the years he understands the importance of clear communication. He now prides himself on patient education, ensuring the patient understands why they are in pain and what is required from both himself and from the patient themselves to ensure recovery and future prevention. Chris also takes pride in being up do date with all the latest physiotherapy developments to ensure all his treatments are first class.
Having worked previously with both Kingsway and Stirling Amateur football clubs, Chris has developed a passion for treating sporting injuries, as well as other musculoskeletal conditions including back and neck pain, headaches and vertigo.
Outside of work Chris’s interests include watching AFL and cricket and working out at the gym.