Motor Vehicle and Workers Compensation

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Motor Vehicle Accident & Workers Compensation Claims

Have you been injured in a car accident and need guidance in your treatment and rehabilitation?

Suffered an injury at work?

Move Forward Physios are educated on handling both Motor Vehicle and Workers Compensation claims and dealing with the insurance commission of Western Australia (ICWA) or your relevant compensatory body. This allows us to efficiently manage your recovery. You will receive comprehensive reporting throughout the process as we collaboratively work with your GP, claims officer and any other rebab providers.

Our goal is to return you to full function as quickly as possible.

You will have access to our wide range of Physiotherapy services including Hydrotherapy, Pilates and Gym Based Rehab programs.

At Move Forward we believe your recovery is the main priority, so we deal directly with your insurance company regarding your accounts so you are not out of pocket at any stage of the process.

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