Physiotherapy Videos & Physio Education

Move Forward Physiotherapy is always striving to keep our patients up to date with the latest advice and physio education available- view any of our video links for great free health and fitness tips. Advancements in Physiotherapy are occurring every day and at Move Forward Physio we take it as our responsibility to stay up to date with optimal Physio management and provide this to our valued patients.

The most important thing to our physiotherapists? Your health and wellness!
That’s why we have set up this online video and education portal which we will be continually updating.
This will improve access for our patients to informative health content and up to date advice regarding fitness and exercise prescription.
If there are any topics you would like covered in this portal please email us at Quinns physiotherapy

Lower Body Stretching

Upper Body Stretching

Lower Body Strengthening

Upper Body Strengthening

Roller Releases

Band Stretching

How to Tape a Thumb

How to Tape an Ankle

How to Tape the Sole of a Foot

How to Tape a Kneecap (Patella)