Manipulative and Sports Physiotherapy

Manipulative & Sports Physio

Manipulative Physiotherapy

At Move Forward we love utilising our hands on techniques. We take great pride in our training program which strongly advocates and trains other staff to be experts in manipulation. Manipulative physiotherapy refers to the use of high velocity thrust techniques in order to manipulate a restricted or stiff joint and restore the normal range of movement to that joint. There is often an associated ´popping´ or ´clicking´ noise with these techniques. This noise is a result of gas release in the joint due to pressure change, it is NOT associated with bone clicking on bone or muscle as some think. Theoretically, any joint can be manipulated but with Move Forward Physiotherapists manipulation is only used when necessary and when the patient is comfortable with having the technique performed.

It is worth noting that manipulation forms only one aspect of manual therapy and that Move Forward physiotherapists undergo intense continuing education to ensure that all their manual therapy techniques are up-to-date and refined. All Move Forward Physiotherapists attend regular group sessions to practice high velocity thrust techniques under the supervision of a Specialist Musculo-skeletal Physiotherapist.

Sports Physiotherapy

Why choose Move Forward?

All of our staff are passionate about staying fit and healthy and are obsessed with different sports! From AFL to soccer to hockey to NFL we will have the varying skills and technique training required to return you to your sport in our repertoire. Move Forward Physiotherapy currently employs several sports physiotherapists as well as several physiotherapists who are fully qualified exercise physiologists. Several of our clinics also support local and community sports clubs and many of our staff travel interstate and overseas with representative teams in a variety of sports.

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