Falls Prevention and Exercise Class

Falls Prevention & Exercise Class

This fun and challenging class will take place at our on-site gym at our Butler and Quinns clinics run by one of our fantastic Physiotherapists.

We know that balance and strengthening exercises are the gold standard treatment for preventing falls, especially in the elderly. In addition to reducing the risk of falls, exercise has the added bonus of promoting self-confidence, self-efficacy, improved cardiovascular fitness and improved independence through increased strength, endurance and reaction times.

These classes will suit people who have fallen or have a fear of falling, or people looking for a safe environment to improve their general strength and fitness!

All Move Forward team members draw from their extensive rehabilitation knowledge and additional training to ensure all classes and exercises are appropriate to the participants.

Progressive strength training has a proven impact on:
• Arthritis
• Sleep Disorders
• Type 2 Diabetes
• Bone Density/Osteoporosis
• Cardiovascular Function/Disease
• Functional Strength/Muscle Mass
• Balance/Gait/Falls Prevention
• Cognitive Function
• Cancer therapy