Patient Safety

Move Forward Health and Safety Statement

Move Forward holds the health and safety of our local community, patients and staff as our highest priority. We have always operated at extremely high standards of staff hygiene and clinic sterilisation but in these difficult times we feel it is important to operate above normal practice procedures and set the gold standard for everyone we interact with. This will allow our patients continued access to their healthcare without any additional worry.

On top of our already stringent cleaning policies we will be:

  • Cleaning and sterilising all common areas and surfaces in the clinic 4 times a day;
  • Stop using bed covers to allow sterilisation of all surfaces our patients comes into contact with in the treatment room at the start and end of each session;
  • Utilise single patient use disposable paper covers over pillows;
  • All physio staff will perform clinical standard hand washing at the start and end of each physiotherapy session;
  • All reception staff will utilise hand sanitiser after all patient interactions and hand sanitiser will be available to all patients;
  • Limiting class sizes and separating waiting room chairs to follow social distancing recommendations;
  • We will stop accepting cash payments from the 18/03/20 and request patients pay using cards;

Plus we will continue our patient screening policy which have been in place since 09/03/20:

  • Any staff who undertake overseas travel will be required to self-isolate for 14 days on return;
  • We will be screening all clients for any symptoms of Coronavirus and/or if they have returned from overseas travel in the past 14 days (or anyone that they live with has symptoms or has returned from overseas travel) and request they do not attend the clinic for 14 days;

Temperature Screening:

  • In an effort to continue our role in protecting our local community, we will be performing temperature screening of all patients and staff at our clinics.  You can ask more questions about this extra safety measure at your next appointment.

TelePhysio- Online Service

It is important to the Move Forward team in these unprecedented times to be able to continue our delivery of first class Physiotherapy services to our patients. We understand currently not all patients will be able to attend the clinic or may prefer to have their Physiotherapy consult completed from the comfort of their own home utilising our TelePhysio service.

TelePhysio will allow our highly trained Physio team to assess and treat patients utilising this online platform and minimising the need for physical contact. Research supports the effectiveness of this form of Physio and it will allow our team to reach more of our patients during this time.

Phone your clinic for a TelePhysio appointment today!

Although some of these measures will be excessive in relation to the relatively small risk we are currently facing we hope all patients understand the reasoning behind these additional safety measures.

If you have any questions please contact management directly:  Ben Gabrovec


Pt Safety (1)
Pt Safety (1)