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Further enforcing our dedication to being Perth’s number 1 provider of high quality Physiotherapy services in the northern suburbs, we are thrilled to be operating a new exciting new clinic Butler Physio! Having an experienced local managing partner in Tom Edwards allows us to provide exceptional Physiotherapy care combining high quality clinical treatment as well as progressive and appropriate rehabilitation along the spectrum of all nature of injuries. Expanding on our current services we will also be operating personalized onsite exercise classes run by Physiotherapists for up to 9 participants. These classes will be a variety of Strength, Cardiorespiratory, Co-ordination, Mat Pilates, mobility and fun!



3/175 Butler Boulevard
WA 6036
Ph: 9562 5417

Opening Hours:
Mon – Thursday 7am-7pm
Fri – 7am-6pm
Sat – 7am-12pm

Email: Butler Physiotherapy

Link to SERVICES we provide at Butler Physiotherapy. We also have a Pilates timetable you can download from HERE.

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Tom Edwards

Physiotherapist & Partner

    Tom is a valuable asset to the Move Forward team as the Managing partner of our Butler, Gateway and Kinross Clinic. After spending some years providing physiotherapy services in the local community, he is elated to continue to be a presence in our newest clinics in the northern suburbs. He has a keen interest in an array of musculoskeletal conditions with particular interest in the ‘everyday’ injury, back and neck pain that keeps us from our hobbies and work. He loves working with you to get you back to what you love quickly, combining manual therapy and dry needling with exercise rehabilitative strategies. His interest in sports has led him to work with the Wanneroo amateur Football, Rugby and Soccer teams. His sporting interests outside of work include Rugby, Martial arts, Soccer and Golf. On top of being a partner Tom is also the Client Relationship Officer for Move Forward Physiotherapy making sure we deliver the highest quality service possible to all of our valued patients!

    Ash Dobson


      For Ash, physiotherapy means assisting people in finding the strength and resilience of their body, and their ability to return to doing what they love, whether they have suffered a setback from an acute injury, or long term chronic pain. Ash is passionate about the rehabilitation component of physiotherapy, and assisting patients in making the changes to their health and lifestyle that their mind and body need.
      Ashleigh has completed her BSc in physiotherapy at Curtin University and has been one of Move Forward’s loyal team members for many years. Ash built up a loyal following at our Quinns Practice before heading away on a 12 month trip of a lifetime. Since returning, Ash has begun practicing at our Butler Practice, where she enjoys a combination of treating, teaching clinical Pilates, and motivating her patients through Fysio40 high intensity interval training. Ash has been teaching clinical Pilates for over 7 years, and finds the positive changes seen in these patients constantly rewarding.