Dog Physiotherapy at Quinns Physiotherapy!!

Dog Physiotherapy Dog Physiotherapy at our Quinns clinic is here!! Is the most important member of your family also requiring the care of our Physiotherapists? By applying the principles of human physiotherapy to the anatomy and physiology of dogs, we can give your dog the same benefits as you would receive from a physiotherapy session. If your dog suffers from arthritis, old age or a specific musculoskeletal disorder, then we might be able to help your dog feel like a puppy again! We are dog lovers at the Quinns Clinic and can’t wait to help your beloved dog!! . Canine Physiotherapy is [...]

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Our Clinics Supporting Charities

Our Clinics Supporting Charities Together Quinns Physiotherapy, Ocean Keys Physiotherapy, Currambine Physiotherapy, Kinross Physiotherapy and Pearsall Physiotherapy want to make sure they are giving back to their local communities and worthy organization's at any opportunity. Which is why we promise to consistently have "Charity Weeks" where a dollar from every treatment at all our clinics will be donated to a charity chosen by our patients. Our staff have selected the first 3 charities we will be choosing from with anyone visiting Quinns Physiotherapy from Monday February the 10th- Saturday February the 15th having the chance to vote for which charity they would [...]

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