Physiotherapists can help restore a persons health

Physiotherapists and your health Physical problems that are caused by a work or sports related injury, a disease, aging, periods of limited activity, or illness that can lead to limited mobility. The best option to restore movement to any individual is a process known as physiotherapy. This is the same as undergoing physical therapy. The people who will be providing the physiotherapy techniques are health care professionals. They have knowledge of the body's processes and will know how to assess, determine a diagnosis, and develop a treatment plan. Review some of the benefits provided by physiotherapy East Fremabtle personnel. Minimizing Pain - The [...]

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What is Physiotherapy?

What is Physiotherapy? When physiotherapy was first introduced into the medical community in the early 19th century, it was first regarded as nothing more than a vanity treatment and nothing to take seriously. Rather than depending on medicine and surgery, early physiotherapy practices relied on the application of heat, electrical stimulation and water-based movement techniques to produce a better range of motion and control of chronic pain. While these early techniques weren’t considered hugely successful, advances in the field starting during World War gave this subspecialty some momentum that allowed it to become the effective alternative treatment that it is today. Can [...]

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