New Kinross Physiotherapy Clinic

Kinross Physiotherapy Move Forward are the number 1 Physio provider in Perth's northern suburbs. We are also thrilled to continue to provide high quality Physiotherapy through the northern coastal suburbs- an area where they have worked and actively been apart of the community for over 10 years. Treating everything from neck pain to back pain, sports injuries, muscle tears, ankle sprains, headaches and everything in between we are here to help you! From our Kinross Physiotherapy clinic also has extended services of Pilates, Hydrotherapy and Exercise Classes.   KINROSS PHYSIOTHERAPY 2/59 Edinburgh Avenue Kinross WA 6028 Ph: 9305 6261 / Fax: 9305 [...]

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Non-Specific Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain Physiotherapy can be successful in the treatment of non-specific low back pain, and evidence of this can be found in the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s Low Back Pain Position Statement. Move Well Physiotherapists are up to date with current research in the area of non-specific low back pain and the APA Low Back Pain Position Statement. Research Evidence There is evidence to suggest that physiotherapy treatment in a variety of forms can be beneficial in the treatment of acute, sub-acute and chronic low back pain. Physiotherapy assessment can often pinpoint the structures causing the pain and allow early commencement of [...]

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