Biceps Tendinopathy

Biceps Tendinopathy Who Bodybuilders/ powerlifters Physical jobs, tradies such as carpenters, scaffolders etc. Elderly Athletes involved in throwing sports Swimmers What Bicep tendinopathy is a broad term used to describe injuries to the biceps tendon including, Biceps tendonitis Biceps tendinosis Biceps tenosynovitis Biceps tendon tear or rupture The biceps muscle has two heads, a short and a long head. It is most often the tendon of the long head of biceps that gets injured. The tendon, arising from the biceps muscle, runs along the top of the arm bone and attaches onto the shoulder capsule. Thus, the long head of biceps acts [...]

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Sciatica   WHO? Persons with acute or chronic lower back pain and/or hip issues Active persons with chronic muscular tightness Elderly, with normal age related changes to the body Desk workers & persons with chronic poor posture   WHAT? Sciatica is a condition that refers to pain felt along the back of the thigh and lower leg, which normally originates from the lower back.  The pain generally occurs along the sciatic nerve itself, which is the largest nerve in the body, and runs from the lower part of the spine, travelling along the back of the leg into the outer portion of the [...]