Hocking Physiotherapy! New Clinic Now Open!!

Hocking Physiotherapy We are proud to announce our continual expansion in the northern suburbs opening up a new clinic at Hocking Physiotherapy. Following on from the success and growth of Pearsall Physiotherapy our relationship with the Pearsall Medical Centre has seen us expand into their new premise at the Hocking Medical Centre. This will coordinate with an increase in appointment availability and services including hydrotherapy. As always our staff will be of the highest clinical quality undertaking advanced continuing education training and having a passion for physiotherapy and helping our patients! We look forward to seeing you at Hocking Physiotherapy. Hocking Physiotherapy 16/176 [...]

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Stress Management @ Physio Pearsall

Stress Management Fight or flight! Our bodies respond to a tense and demanding situation by increasing its requirement for oxygen. This stress response was pretty helpful to the humankind in our cavemen days. That’s when stress was brought on by physical threats for e.g. danger from menacing predators. This fight or flight response helped us escape alive from such stressful situations. These days however, the way stress affects our body sets us up for serious health issues. Stress management is a growing issue and physiotherapists can help you deal with it successfully. Physiotherapists are experts at a wide variety of stress management [...]

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