Plantar Fasciitis – The Painful foot!

Plantar Fasciitis Who Runners Jobs which are on your feet all day Middle – older aged when the arch gets weaker Pregnant women Diabetics What Your plantar fascia is a thick band of tissue that supports your foot, running from the heel to the toes. The role of the Plantar Fascia is simply to prevent the arch from collapsing. Plantar fasciitis is the fancy term given to inflammation of the arch in your foot. When People who experience plantar fasciitis will generally first notice pain under their heel or in their arch of the foot in the morning or after a period [...]

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Supporting a good Paws and Dog Physiotherapy

Dog Physiotherapy and Charity Quinns Physiotherapy is proud to support 2 of our loyal patients (and their 2 even more loyal pooches!!) in the Million Paws Walk held by the RSPCA. Dave, Serina and more importantly Chester and Bear are raising money to go towards helping the RSPCA fight animal cruelty and here at Quinns Physiotherapy we were happy to help support your cause! For more information on supporting the RSPCA please visit or to donate to the fund raise follow this link: Is the most important member of your family also requiring the care of our Physiotherapists? By applying the [...]

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