Baker’s Cyst

BAKER'S CYST WHO? Cyclists/ runners Older adults Sports requiring lots of running/ turning/ jumping etc. WHAT? Baker’s cyst is a condition whereby there is swelling at the back of the knee joint that accumulates within the joint space and bursa. It may also be referred to as a popliteal cyst, in reference to its location at the back of the knee, which is medically known as the popliteal fossa. The fluid-filled cyst can result in pain or discomfort at the back of the knee with during normal day to day activities that may increase with activity or overuse of the knee. Patients [...]

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Fat Pad Impingement

WHO? • Young athletes • Runners • Cyclists • Soccer/ Footy players WHAT? Fat pad impingment syndrome is a common condition affecting the knee joint and may also be referred to as Hoffa’s Syndrome. The fat pad is a small, sensitive area of soft tissue, composed mailny of adipose tissue (hence the name), that is found just underneath the bottom half of your kneecap and patellar tendon. This fat pad helps to lubricate the knee joint, whilst also acting as a bit of a shock absorber. WHEN? Fat pad impingement can occur at any age but most often occurs in active teenagers [...]

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