Dog Physiotherapy at Quinns Physiotherapy!!

Dog Physiotherapy Dog Physiotherapy at our Quinns clinic is here!! Is the most important member of your family also requiring the care of our Physiotherapists? By applying the principles of human physiotherapy to the anatomy and physiology of dogs, we can give your dog the same benefits as you would receive from a physiotherapy session. If your dog suffers from arthritis, old age or a specific musculoskeletal disorder, then we might be able to help your dog feel like a puppy again! We are dog lovers at the Quinns Clinic and can’t wait to help your beloved dog!! . Canine Physiotherapy is [...]

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Joondalup Physio for Muscle Care

Physiotherapy involves the care and repair of damaged muscles. There are many ways to help heal injured muscle structure. The type of injury will direct the healing process. Sports and occupation injuries benefit from an all-inclusive  therapy clinic. Manipulative Physiotherapy This type of therapy involves physical manipulation of injured joints and muscles. Through manipulative physiotherapy, joints and muscles regain normal range of movement. This type of therapy is  best used in addition to exercise and other rehabilitative therapies. A total physiotherapy clinic combines the appropriate therapy and specialists for the fastest recovery. Sports Physiotherapy Sporting injuries require specific care to heal and [...]

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