Patello-Femoral Pain syndrome (PFPS)

Patello-Femoral Pain syndrome (PFPS) Who Runners!!! Elderly Athletes in high impact sports (jumpers, sprinter….) Basketball and netball players Gym Junkies Desk warriors   What Patello-femoral pain syndrome, or PFPS, is the most common cause of pain at the knee joint. It normally presents as pain felt around, and behind the knee cap (patella). It is common in both the young and old, active and inactive. When & How PFPS is most commonly caused by mistracking or poor movement of the knee cap, as opposed to direct trauma to any specific structure within the knee. Poor movement can be caused by numerous variables [...]

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Whip Lash

WHO? Motor Vehicle Accident Victims Adults Children WHAT? Whip Lash is a term used to describe neck pain that generally occurs following motor vehicle accidents. Whip Lash usually occurs when a moving vehicle hits a stationary one. The rear collision causes forceful backward movement of the head and neck, followed by forceful forward movement. This causes damage to the cervical spine and surrounding tissues. WHEN? Whip Lash is common in victims of motor vehicle accidents, especially those who are hit from behind in a stationary or slow moving vehicle. Whip lash can happen to any one, adults or children, and often occurs when the [...]

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