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Medial tibial stress syndrome (commonly known as shin splints) is an inflammatory condition of the lower leg. Pain is usually felt on the medial side (inner side) of the tibia (shin bone) and is referred to as medial shin splints. Pain can also be felt on the lateral side (outer side) of the tibia and is referred to as anterior shin splints. Pain is usually felt in the middle third of the tibia, however, may be felt anywhere along the shin bone from the knee to the ankle.


Shin splints generally occur as an over use injury. The condition most commonly occurs in running sports, especially those carried out on hard surfaces (road running, netballers, basketballers, soccer players) and also in those frequently attempting to exceed their level of activity (weekend warriors). Other causes of shin splints may include genetic predisposition, running biomechanics or inappropriate footwear.


Shin splints is thought to be a stress reaction of the tibia as well as inflammation of the muscles and tendons that attach there. When shin splints occur, pain and swelling arise along the length of the shin bone. The area is usually tender to touch and may appear red on the surface.


Your Alkimos Physiotherapist,alkimos Physiotherapy  will assess your lower limb to determine the cause of your shin splints. They will use this information to provide you with an individualised treatment management plan to guide you to recovery. Your treatment may include:


Ice packs


Exercise modification


Education and technique correction can be done at either our pilates studio at Quinns Physiotherapy or within healthy life gym with our hillarys physiotherapist at hillarys Physiotherapy