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Pre-operative Exercise Programs

Enter your surgery confident you have done everything possible to ensure your most efficient recovery possible.

You have been examined by the specialist and you have been told you need orthopaedic surgery. What should you do now? Getting yourself as strong, flexible and functional as you can BEFORE you have surgery will ensure you have the best post operative result possible. Whether you are booked in for spinal surgery, arthroscopic joint surgery, or a joint replacement, a pre-operative exercise program tailored to your needs can get your body ready for the surgery and the post operative rehabilitation. Having the ability to utilize our onsite gym at Quinns Physiotherapy or the expertise of our staff across all clinics we know we can have you ready for that important day.

Choose Move Forward

Move Forward Physiotherapists can design a pre-operative program specific to your upcoming surgical procedure. The program may include:

  • Learning how to use crutches safely and up and down stairs
  • Strengthening muscles around the area being operated upon to get them in as good shape as possible before the surgery
  • Exercising your body generally so you are strong and flexible and ready for post operative rehabilitation
  • Balance exercises to ensure you are safe to move around
  • Strengthening your arms if you will be on crutches for a while
  • Breathing exercises
  • Hydrotherapy exercises
  • Teach you immediate post operative exercises that you can commence in hospital

If you are booked in for a musculo-skeletal surgical procedure, contact your nearest clinic and get yourself ready for rehab.