Dreaming of a Painless Swim in the Ocean? Let Our Physiotherapists Help!

Swimming is an amazing exercise and ocean swims in particular can be quite invigorating!

But that’s not if your shoulder starts acting up after the first few strokes. This is because swimming, in the pool or the ocean, places an increased stress on the shoulders. Think about it for a while, during a 1 km swim in the ocean, your shoulders will rotate nearly 600 to 700 times. Now top this off with the fact that this will increase your chances of repetitive strain injury and test your shoulder flexibility to its limits, and you have a good idea why your shoulders start throbbing at the idea of prolonged swims.

Research suggests that properly training the muscles that control the scapula as well as the rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder can help reduce the shoulder pain considerably. The MoveWell experts for physiotherapy in Wanneroo can give you the strength and stamina to survive long swims. Our physiotherapists are qualified and have the experience to treat “Swimmer’s Shoulder” and help heal fatigued muscles. They provide you and help you perform a group of remedial exercises that heal and strengthen at the same time. These also include a range of stability exercises specially formulated for swimmers experiencing shoulder pain.

Our physiotherapists employ a variety of methods including Pilates, Hydrotherapy as well as manipulative and sports therapy to stop pain and alleviate the weaknesses and stress caused by injuries, muscle, joint and nerve problems. We care about each and every one of clients passionately and offer you Wanneroo’s best, most experienced physiotherapists!

Our hands-on Physiotherapy Wanneroo specialists will provide you with 100% one-on-one attention throughout all your treatment sessions. We look forward to seeing you soon!