Stress Management

Fight or flight!

Our bodies respond to a tense and demanding situation by increasing its requirement for oxygen. This stress response was pretty helpful to the humankind in our cavemen days. That’s when stress was brought on by physical threats for e.g. danger from menacing predators. This fight or flight response helped us escape alive from such stressful situations.

These days however, the way stress affects our body sets us up for serious health issues. Stress management is a growing issue and physiotherapists can help you deal with it successfully.

Physiotherapists are experts at a wide variety of stress management techniques and treatments. These can help improve a patient’s health and well-being while also providing them with the tools to manage their own stress levels better.

Our Physio Pearsall experts design tailor made stress management and exercise programs. They also provide professional massage and muscle relaxation solutions along with general fitness advice.

It is important to get the right help to deal with stress and its symptoms as soon as you start feeling over stressed. This is because as we continue to experience traumatic situations and our bodies start being on the fight or flight mode constantly. This means the on-set of a condition known as chronic stress. The symptoms include a constant high blood pressure, chest pains, emotional distress, frequent headaches and breathing pattern disorders.

The Best Physio in Pearsall Can Help You Deal With Stress!

The MoveWell Physiotherapists in Pearsall will start your stress management treatment with an initial assessment of your condition and an in depth enquiry into the causes of your stress. This will help us clarify the nature of the problem and develop strategies and treatments for stress management on an individual basis.

The treatments may include any combination of different relaxation therapies, coaching on breathing techniques, stretching, massages and fitness advice.

For more information on how we can help you mitigate the symptoms of stress, call us or visit us at our Pearsall offices today!