Do you spend all day on your feet, standing on a counter, at the checkout or may be working on a conveyor belt?  Or maybe you spend your days sitting in an uncomfortable chair, with a posture that’s wreaking havoc on your backbone?

Both these situations can lead to some serious discomfort and even pain that can only be alleviated at the hands of an expert physiotherapist. They are experts at reducing discomfort; know exactly where the pain is and how to make it better with exercise and movement.

Advice from Physio Kinross Experts!

Our expert physiotherapists have the right tips to help you relax those shoulders! They suggest that you consciously try to breathe better instead of holding it when times get stressful. For those of us who have to stand on our feet at work at day long, it is important to wear comfortable foot wear that provides cushioning.  If the floors are all concrete, ask your employers to put in anti-fatigue matting that can help mitigate some of the pressure on your joints. And whenever possible, find a stool to perch on for short periods of time.

For those of us who have to sit in a place all day long, it is a good idea to take regular breaks. Instead of emailing or calling the people on your floor, how about going up to them for a face-to-face? Try to be as active as possible during the breaks and get of that chair whenever you get the chance.

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Our physiotherapists have years of experience in running successful injury prevention programs and helping many of our clients recover from work-related injuries. Let us help you achieve physical fitness and get you back to work in the shortest time possible.