The Currambine physio experts at the Move Well physiotherapy Centre work with older people and provide them with specialist management of many conditions that are related to old age. These include a number of musculoskeletal, neurological, and cardiovascular issues. These problems may even be found collectively in a single patient.

Our expert physiotherapists provide complete help for such conditions including medical, psychological, rehabilitative and social assistance along with any other issues that may need a physiotherapist’s assistance.

The exercises, medicine and mode of treatment may differ from patient to patient as there are certain differences in the way diseases present themselves, depending on the unique pattern of ageing, response to treatment and complexity of the problem.

Physio Currambine Services For the Elderly

Physiotherapists start off with an initial assessment that may take up to an hour. They ask questions about the nature of the problem and the occurrence of any other medical conditions. They’ll also need to know about any medications that their patient may be on.

A physical assessment is also carried out on the elderly patient to determine the effectiveness of the following:

  • joint range of movement
  • posture
  • walking
  • balance
  • muscle strength
  • functional activities

An expert physiotherapist can help the elderly deal with conditions like osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s disease and osteoporosis. Additionally, it is also a good idea to engage their services following a surgery, fracture or prolonged hospital stay. Physiotherapy can also ensure speedy recovery from stroke and other neurological problems.

Find the Right Services for Physio in Currambine

The Move Well Currambine offices staff highly trained and experienced staffs that can help the elderly live a more fulfilled, active and pain-free life. They provide advice on how to help become a better, more energetic person while also providing all the help required to manage the condition better.