Ocean Keys Physiotherapy to help your back pain

Back pain is not as simple as having difficulty bending forward but it is a very complex musculoskeletal disorder. It is among the most common complaints of patients across the globe and one of the main reasons why people skip work.

Ocean Keys physiotherapy may help address back pain. If you see a physiotherapist as soon as possible, this may speed up your recovery and help relieve you of symptoms. Physios may offer different treatment methods and modalities to help ease your back pain and teach you ways to avoid it.

The main goal of physiotherapy is to get you back to your normal function. If back pain prevents you from working or from playing any sport, then it will be among your major goals to get back to that level of function.


Determine Cause

When you visit a physiotherapist, an evaluation will be done to determine the cause of your back pain. This may range from poor body posture, spinal deformity, lifting objects improperly, overstretching, prolonged standing, even sneezing sometimes causes one to grimace in pain.


Physiotherapy has a wide range of treatment options. What will be done will depend on your signs and symptoms. Ocean Keys physiotherapy may use therapeutic exercise to strengthen certain areas of the body to attain mobility and stability.

There are also manual therapy techniques to help relieve pain, improve movements of certain body parts, and to improve blood circulation.

Acupuncture is also a popular mode of treatment for people with back pain. For those who are not familiar, this involves insertion of very fine needles to certain points of the body to reduce inflammation, decrease pain, and basically promote recovery.

Then there are various modalities such as warm compress, ultrasound, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation that can be used to ease the pain and relax the muscles around the affected area.

Ocean Keys physiotherapy also make use of aquatherapy, which involves exercise routines while in the water. Aqua or hydrotherapy is among the treatment of choice because it does not subject the joints to a lot of forces compared to exercising on hard surfaces.

Tips and home exercise

Physiotherapists can also give you practical tips so you can adjust well at home and at work while your condition is bothering you. Subtle changes in the environment, ergonomics, and posture might be big factors in making you feel better.

They can also prescribe home exercises that will help alleviate the back pain, help achieve muscle balance, and improve muscle strength for better stability of the spine.

If you are enduring back pain, rest may help but being active may help more. You need to keep moving and continue exercise routines such as swimming or walking.

Do not sit for too long when at work and make sure you take breaks to walk around and stretch a bit.

When picking up objects from the floor, make sure you bend your knees upon approach and not bend your back too much. When lifting heavy objects is inevitable, make sure you use the power of the legs more and keep your posture in check.

It will also help if you keep your diet and weight in check.

MoveWell Physiotherapy is among the most trusted teams of experts when it comes to Ocean Keys physiotherapy. Working with a doctor, its physiotherapists make sure that patients receive the best care possible.