Pearsall Physiotherapy


Ben Gabrovec and Move Well are excited to bring their high level of Physiotherapy services to the suburb of Pearsall and the Pearsall Medical Centre. After forming a strong relationship with Dr Ben Banwait in his time at the Quinns Medical complex (where Quinns Physiotherapy is located) Ben Gabrovec jumped at the chance to open a Physiotherapy clinic at his new Pearsall Medical Centre. Opening at the start of 2014 we look forward to becoming an active member of the local community and helping everyone with their aches and pains.

Jason Rocca is our dedicated team member at Pearsall Physiotherapy and he has a keen interest in sports and high intensity injuries. This comes from his passion of martial arts and fitness training. Always available to field any questions on whether physio can help you contact Jason in clinic today or feel free to drop in and say hello!

What conditions are appropriate for a Physio to assess?

We specialize in everything musculoskeletal from neck and back pain, to headaches, muscle injuries, ankle sprains, sports injuries and rehabilitation. We also offer hydrotherapy services through our Pearsall clinic which we run from Aquamotion in Wanneroo.