Physiotherapy involves the care and repair of damaged muscles. There are many ways to help heal injured muscle structure. The type of injury will direct the healing process. Sports and occupation injuries benefit from an all-inclusive  therapy clinic.

Manipulative Physiotherapy

This type of therapy involves physical manipulation of injured joints and muscles. Through manipulative physiotherapy, joints and muscles regain normal range of movement. This type of therapy is  best used in addition to exercise and other rehabilitative therapies. A total physiotherapy clinic combines the appropriate therapy and specialists for the fastest recovery.


Sports Physiotherapy

Sporting injuries require specific care to heal and become stronger. Physiotherapy for sporting injuries requires individual care. Many sporting injuries benefit from several therapies. Strength training, massage therapy and hydrotherapy. Therapists tailor all the available methods to meet the needs of the injuries. Sprains and strains are most common injuries for athletes. Repairing the injury is the first, strengthening the  muscles follows in the form of exercise specifically designed to increase the stamina of the sprain or strain.

Graduated Rehabilitation

Teams of therapists develop a  rehabilitation program that will heal the injury and promote strength training to prevent a repeat of the same injury. Muscle injuries that require surgery also require custom rehab. Injuries to the spine, shoulder, wrist, knee, hip or ankle sometimes require surgery. When surgery is performed, the area sustains more damage. These injuries need specialized rehab. A combination of strength training and maintenance training is required for optimal healing.

During the healing and rehab process, ultrasound-imaging track the healing process to insure that the injury is healing as it should. This is especially helpful with back injuries. While the injury is healing, the progress is monitored and rehabilitation adjusted to fit the  needs of the individual patient.

Total Care

Properly trained therapists work with attending physicians for proper care of an  injury requiring surgery. Many forms of therapy will benefit patients with muscle injuries. Exercises including Pilates, gym, hydro and home exercise programs all combine to gain the best possible results.

Preventative care is also included before an injury happens. Training muscles for  strength and endurance prevents injuries. Cognitive, holistic and physical training and strengthening is combined and tailored to the sport or athletic level desired. Focus begins on the larger muscles. The larger muscles in the human body need to be the strongest. By increasing the strength of the major muscle groups, decreases the chance of an injury that would require surgery.

Now is the right time to consult a Joondalup physio to avoid a critical injury later on.