Sportsman requiring excessive wrist movements
• Golfers, rowing, racquet sports……

Office/ computer workers

Manual workers;
• Carpenters, painters, brickie….



De Quervains tendonitis is an overuse condition that affects the tendons of the forearm, found running along the outside of the thumb. The two main tendons affected are the extensor pollicis brevis (EPB) and the abductor pollicis longus (APL). With overuse of the thumb and/or wrist, these tendons can get inflamed, resulting in pain and swelling, over the thumb, back of the wrist and even the forearm.



De Quervains normally occurs overtime as a result of overuse of the thumb and or wrist. Repetitive movements at the thumb and wrist, in activities such as painting, golf, ten-pin bowling, working on the computer or even knitting, results in strain on both the EPB and APL tendons. Generally patients will develop this pain overtime when they have a sudden increase in activities such as the ones listed above. In some cases however, De Quervains can occur very suddenly as a result of direct trauma to the thumb or wrist, such as with a fall or forceful movement of the thumb or wrist. With either an overuse or sudden traumatic injury, the APL and EPB tendons undergo micro tears resulting in an inflammatory response and thus painful symptoms at the thumb and wrist.



Treatment and management of De Quervains tendonitis is normally quite straightforward. Your physiotherapist at our Move Forward kinross Physiotherapy clinic will assess the wrist and thumb, as well as the forearm, arm and neck to determine the exact cause of the condition. Once assessed, they will provide you with an individualized treatment management plan to assist in your recovery. Your treatment will include a combination of the following;
• Rest
• Ice/ Heat
• Brace/ off-load taping
• Soft tissue massage
• Mobilizations
• Dry needling
• Stretching & strengthening exercises can be performed within the gym located at Move Forward hillarys Physiotherapy
• Activity and exercise modifications
• Postural and workplace advice and exercise done within our pilates studio at Move Forward Quinns Physiotherapy