Headaches have been called the most common complaint of civilized man. Up to two thirds of the population suffer from headaches. Headaches can often be the most debilitating pain you can experience and often the only advice for treatment is to take some medication and lie down.

Though there are many types of headaches and many modes of treatment one of the most common type of headache is a headache that stems from your neck (cervicogenic headache)

Have you ever had a headache with these symptoms?

* Constant steady dull ache that can last for days

* Pain on one side of the head

* Pain that stems from the base of the head and comes in a band around your head, with a pulling or gripping sensation

* Headache brought on by certain movements or the neck or head

If you have, you may have been suffering from cervicogenic headaches.

These types of headaches can be caused

* by irritation of the nerves that supply the head and face as they pass between your cervical vertebrae,

* referred pain from active muscle trigger points

* Tightness in the upper cervical joints and muscles

* Poor sitting posture- rounded shoulders and jutting chin

How can you get rid of these headaches?

The most important thing is to have a qualified professional determine if the source of headache is indeed from your neck. If your neck is indeed the problem then treatment aimed at relieving stiff joints, relaxing tight muscles and re-training your posture can greatly relieve your symptoms.

Our highly trained physiotherapists can help relieve you of these symptoms and provide you with exercises to prevent them from happening again.