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The talocrural joint (ankle joint) consists of many articulations. The bones of your ankle are held together by a number of important ligaments and stabilising structures. An inversion ankle sprain (where by the ankle rolls over the outside of the foot) is the most common ankle injury and causes damage to the lateral (outside) supporting structures. An eversion ankle sprain (where by the ankle rolls over the inside of the foot) subsequently causes damage to the medial (inside) supporting structures.


Ankle sprains can occur during running, jumping, landing and rapid changes of direction. They can occur during sports (especially on uneven playing fields) or simply with a missed step or slip.


Stress of the ligaments causes stretching or elongation, resulting in instability of the ankle joint. Following an ankle sprain immediate pain, swelling and bruising of the foot, ankle and lower leg is usually noted. And can sometimes look a little scary (see above!)


Your Yanchep Physiotherapist will assess your ankle to determine which ligaments have been stressed and the degree of instability. This information will guide the treatment process and your physiotherapist will provide you with an individualised treatment plan guiding you to recovery.

Athlete or non-athlete, your treatment may include:

Ice packs




Strengthening exercises

Positional awareness