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Move Forward Physiotherapy!!

Move Forward Physiotherapy!!

After expanding through the northern suburbs over the past 8 years we are pleased and proud to give a “name” to the brand you know as Quinns Physiotherapy, Ocean Keys Physiotherapy, Kinross Physiotherapy, Currambine Physiotherapy, Pearsall Physiotherapy and Hocking Physiotherapy. Each clinic will still hold its own individual name but we will operate as a group under our new name “Move Forward Physiotherapy”.

Why the change? This will allow us to reach our most important people involved in our clinics….you! Through combining our clinics into a super brand it will allow us shared communication, specials and advertising. But more importantly it will give you the confidence that when you see the “Move Forward Physiotherapy” logo, you will be receiving excellent patient care through high clinical and professional standards, exceptional customer service and friendly physiotherapy and reception staff in warm comfortable settings- These are our promises to you!!

Thank you for continuing to support our growing business, Physiotherapy is our passion, and exceptional patient care our promise.

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Can our Physio’s help fix your Headaches?


Headaches have been called the most common complaint of civilized man. Up to two thirds of the population suffer from headaches. Headaches can often be the most debilitating pain you can experience and often the only advice for treatment is to take some medication and lie down.

Though there are many types of headaches and many modes of treatment one of the most common type of headache is a headache that stems from your neck (cervicogenic headache)

Have you ever had a headache with these symptoms?

* Constant steady dull ache that can last for days

* Pain on one side of the head

* Pain that stems from the base of the head and comes in a band around your head, with a pulling or gripping sensation

* Headache brought on by certain movements or the neck or head

If you have, you may have been suffering from cervicogenic headaches.

These types of headaches can be caused

* by irritation of the nerves that supply the head and face as they pass between your cervical vertebrae,

* referred pain from active muscle trigger points

* Tightness in the upper cervical joints and muscles

* Poor sitting posture- rounded shoulders and jutting chin

How can you get rid of these headaches?

The most important thing is to have a qualified professional determine if the source of headache is indeed from your neck. If your neck is indeed the problem then treatment aimed at relieving stiff joints, relaxing tight muscles and re-training your posture can greatly relieve your symptoms.

Our highly trained physiotherapists can help relieve you of these symptoms and provide you with exercises to prevent them from happening again.

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Pilates and Personal Training

Looking to start the new year in the best possible way? Then Quinns Physiotherapy’s Pilates and Personal Training Classes are for you!! Run by Physiotherapists and rebatable through private health insurers, these classes are just what you need! Our 1 hour classes have a maximum of 3 participants making sure the Physio’s focus stay’s on you and your program is individually tailored to your needs- whether it be strength, fitness, stability, rehabilitating a specific injury, muscle building or just working on the flat stomach for summer.

Our Pilates instructor Ash is up to date with all the latest exercises and equipment utilizing mat exercises, the reformer, the trapeze table and the circle! All scary names for great equipment to ensure the best possible outcomes from your class.

Jason will make sure our Personal Training classes get you in shape by utilizing our gym and the local park on those nice sunny evenings! Here is a video of Jason in action (don’t worry he is the guy that wins!!)

If you are interested in these classes please speak to your Physiotherapist or contact reception to enquire further.

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New Pearsall Physiotherapy Clinic

Pearsall Physiotherapy


Ben Gabrovec and Move Well are excited to bring their high level of Physiotherapy services to the suburb of Pearsall and the Pearsall Medical Centre. After forming a strong relationship with Dr Ben Banwait in his time at the Quinns Medical complex (where Quinns Physiotherapy is located) Ben Gabrovec jumped at the chance to open a Physiotherapy clinic at his new Pearsall Medical Centre. Opening at the start of 2014 we look forward to becoming an active member of the local community and helping everyone with their aches and pains.

Jason Rocca is our dedicated team member at Pearsall Physiotherapy and he has a keen interest in sports and high intensity injuries. This comes from his passion of martial arts and fitness training. Always available to field any questions on whether physio can help you contact Jason in clinic today or feel free to drop in and say hello!

What conditions are appropriate for a Physio to assess?

We specialize in everything musculoskeletal from neck and back pain, to headaches, muscle injuries, ankle sprains, sports injuries and rehabilitation. We also offer hydrotherapy services through our Pearsall clinic which we run from Aquamotion in Wanneroo.


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